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Gibraltar Unlock the Rock Phase 3 Starts on Monday: What to Expect

Chris Gomez

Gibraltar is now on its way to Phase 3 of ‘Unlock the Rock’, which is expected to get cabinet approval, begins this coming Monday 1st of June 2020.

Today’s statistics (30.05.2020) show that there have been 7,431 tests received, with 169 confirmed cases. This shows that 2.27% of all tests carried out so far have come back positive, and every case to date has recovered.

Gibraltar, thankfully, has had zero deaths due to COVID19 to date.

53 people are currently in self-isolation.

There are currently 20 active cases on the Rock, with 6 of these being cross-frontier workers – this is an increase of 8 new positive cases since yesterday.

This increase has caused some worry online, with many pointing out that this could cause a backtracking of Phase 3 to more stringent lockdown measures should the number of confirmed cases continue to rise.

According to the Unlock the Rock document, one of the conditions to allow for unlocking is that the “number of confirmed COVID19 cases is rising at a pace of 7 or less new cases per day”.

So, here is what to expect for the 1st of June 2020 in Phase 3:


Unlock the Rock Phase 3 Restaurants

Many of us already know that restaurants will be able to open their doors once again at 50% of the establishment’s total capacity, with a permit, as from the 1st of June.


Gibraltarians (currently) can go to the beach as usual while maintaining social distancing and under groups of 12 persons or fewer according to the Government of Gibraltar.

Access may be controlled and time on the beach may be restricted; with the police potentially closing down a beach should it become overcrowded, this has happened a couple of times already.

The official bathing season begins in Unlock Phase 4; 16th June. Therefore, lifeguard service will not be provided until this date; swimmers are urged to take caution and several rescues have already been carried out.

Retail Sector

Since the 2nd of May, retail shops have been allowed to open as from 10 AM – 5:30 PM.

In Phase 3, there will be a review of opening hours, allowing retail shops to be open between 9 AM and 7 PM.


Should be able to reopen with a new layout for persons attending the establishment.

Public Transport

Unlock the Rock Phase 3 Bus Service

The bus service will resume this Monday under the condition that all passengers must wear face masks or coverings.

Hand sanitizers will need to be used and strict ‘hand hygiene rules will need to be followed’.

There may be restrictions on the levels of occupancy of the buses, which will be managed by the bus company officials, as necessary.

Line Wall Road

The areas of Line Wall Road, between Orange Bastion and Duke of Kent House, shall be closed to vehicular traffic other than for: residents with parking permits, public service vehicles, those who are delivering, electric vehicles and Blue Badge holders.

This is a pilot scheme, but has come under some criticism, with some people arguing that this will divert all traffic to the other roads rather than reducing traffic.

Bicycle lanes will be featured.

Chatham Counterguard

A much-welcomed initiative which will see Chatham Counterguard closed to vehicular traffic and the extra space being used for restaurants to increase their terrace occupancy.

Europort Avenue

To facilitate schools, access will be limited to residents and as a ‘laydown area’ for schools.

Bicycle lanes will feature also.

Religious Worship

We should see the reopening of places of worship around the Rock.

Flights to London

British Airways will continue to operate its flights to Heathrow four times a week until the end of July.

For more details, please see page 24 in the Unlock the Rock document

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