Tito Muñoz Releases Latest Poetry Offering: “Retorno a Moulinsart”

Rosario Pérez

Writer, cartoonist and advertising artist Tito Muñoz kicked off 2020 with a brand-new book under his belt: a collection of poetry entitled “Retorno a Moulinsart” (“Return to Moulinsart”), published by Verso & Cuento, which launched officially in Madrid this February.

At the beginning of March, a live recital was held at the new ‘Bahía de Letras’ bookshop in Algeciras, and the presentations would have continued with equal success throughout spring if it had not been for the Covid19 health crisis.

Tito Muñoz Campo de Gibraltar

Covid19 has had, among many other consequences, the effect of putting a stop to Book Fairs, literary events and even the very plans of writers, publishers and booksellers… At least for now, and until all this comes to an end and cultural activities can return to normal.

In any case, Muñoz, like so many other artists, refuses to allow social isolation to cause him lose contact with his readers, and, he’s taking advantage of the “window” to the world that is social media to outwit confinement and ensure that his voice and poetry continue to be heard.

So, on March 26 he livestreamed a reading of his poems on Instagram. Previously, to celebrate Poetry Day, he had also livestreamed a recital on Facebook; a social network which, in addition to publicising his literature, he tends to prefer as a means of sharing his drawings and reflections.

For now, despite closed bookstores, the ” Retorno a Moulinsart”, which Tito Muñoz has acknowledged follows “in the footsteps of the old Tintin stories”, represents a coming together of this multifaceted creator’s published works. He was born in Barcelona and settled in Algeciras, a city to which he feels emotionally connected with. His previous collection of poems, “Reglamento del Caos”, (“The Ordering of Chaos”), published by Ediciones En Huida, was presented in Algeciras, at the AlCultura “red containers”, in the spring of 2017, with journalist and writer Juan José Téllez standing is as patron and master of ceremonies.

Some three years later, on March 6, 2020 in Algeciras, Tellez had also sponsored this “poet of the asphalt” who, in addition to cultivating poetry, has throughout his fruitful literary career authored several plays, short film scripts, an opera libretto and several song lyrics.

Tito Muñoz Retorno a Moulinsart Reach Alcance Poetry Campo de Gibraltar

Among them, lyrics for his admired and dear “soulmate” Joan Manuel Serrat (such as the words for “Tarrés”, from the album “Cansiones”, released in 2000, and “De cuando estuve loco” (“From when I was mad”), which was included in the album “Versos en la boca”, in 2002), as well as with other artists such as Víctor Manuel.

In keeping with his peculiar relationship with poetry, Muñoz has published several books with the Visor and Cuadernos del Bronce publishing houses, including “Sirenas en conserva” (1997), “Metralla” (1999), with an introduction from Serrat, and “Treinta de febrero” (2002), from which would come the adaptation of the song “De cuando estuve loco”. He wrote “Una hawaiana con un ukulele” (2005), one of his most recent and celebrated poetry books, which was also published in 2008 and “Sonados”, a joint venture with Juan José Téllez, with prologues by the writer Luis García Gil and the singer-songwriter Javier Ruibal.

Tito Muñoz: A Multifaceted Cartoonist and Creator

But Tito Muñoz is not just a writer, he is also an accomplished cartoonist, who has not only been able to hang his paintings in various exhibitions, but has seen his illustrations used as book covers, both for his own works and those of others. Luis García Gil for example has used Tito’s illustrations for the cover of his book “Jacques Brel, una canción desesperada”.

The author of “Retorno a Moulinsart” can boast of having the title of “prophet” in his adopted land. This is proven by his dedicated fanbase who usually attend his presentations, such as the one that, due to the health alert, was cancelled on March 13 at the MacCartney Bar… and also the one that filled up the San Isidro square in the summer of 2015, in the tribute paid to him by the local branch of Izquierda Unida, and which brought together around him writers and artists of the stature of Joan Manuel Serrat, Javier Ruibal, Carlos Segarra, Felipe Benítez Reyes, Camilo de Ory, Andrés Vázquez de Sola and Antonio Romera «Chipi», among others.

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