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The World of Science Fiction: A Chat with Aaron Seruya

Chris Gomez

The World of Science Fiction Exhibition – Aaron Seruya

Crowds of art enthusiasts, comic book collectors, and Star Wars fans packed the Gibraltar Fine Art’s Gallery to see the latest and surprisingly extensive art exhibition by local lawyer and gifted artist, Aaron Seruya – ‘The World of Science Fiction’.

With a total of 84 incredibly detailed paintings of different sizes, depicting renowned superheroes and villains from the Star Wars movies together with his other works on DC and Marvel comic characters, Aaron’s painstaking work really pays testament to the famous saying ‘Do or do not, there is no try’ – Yoda.

To complete each piece, Aaron would spend on average around 8 hours a day for over a week until the finished canvas was finally produced, all while balancing his passion for art with his career as an accomplished barrister.

The World of Science Fiction by Aaron Seruya

“Given that I work as a lawyer, I have been waking up at 5 AM to dedicate 3-4 hours of painting before I go to work”, Aaron told Reach.

“With this schedule it took me a little longer than an actual week. Prior to the painting phase I have spent months sketching each and every painting until I was satisfied that all lines were right.”

The World of Science Fiction by Aaron Seruya

When asked about what the driving Force is behind his dedication to his art, Aaron explained: “It’s a part of my identity. It is just as important as my lawyer persona. It is something I have been doing practically all my life; it is a part of my roots.”

The Force is Strong with this One

Artist and Barrister, Aaron Seruya

A life-long passion, Aaron began drawing at the age of 3, moving into acrylic and then oil painting by his early teens – combining his love for art and his fascination with superheroes, “Every artist paints something that they are passionate about; something that inspires them. I am a fan of the subject matter and I am particularly inspired by other artists who paint superheroes, most notably the works of Alex Ross.”

However, his greatest source of inspiration comes from his father, renowned local artist Abraham A. Seruya who is also a barrister.

Aaron Seruya looks at his greatest inspiration, his father, during the World of Science Fiction Exhibition
© David J Diaz

“I was fascinated by watching my father paint, and when I was younger I always strived to follow his work … My father has always guided me from a young age, and introduced me to the different techniques and how to apply colours that one would not ordinarily think has any place in a particular painting, yet is crucial to achieve a particular effect.”

Aaron’s artistic scope extends beyond superheroes and villains and, much like his father, has produced some iconic paintings for the Royal Gibraltar Regiment which this year celebrates its 80th anniversary.

The World of Science Fiction Exhibition – Aaron Seruya

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