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The Shroud of Turin: One of the greatest enigmas of all time

Soraya Fernández


Julio Marvizón, an expert on the Shroud of Turin, recently revealed in La Línea some of the advancements in the study of a relic that continues to baffle the scientific community.

It was a TV program which made the renowned meteorologist Julio Marvizón focus on one of the greatest mysteries of human kind, the most studied relic in history which continues to confound and intrigue scientists, theologians, believers, atheists, and the curious.

Julio Marvizón

The Shroud of Turin, also known as the Holy Shroud, is a piece of linen just over 14 feet long and 3.6 feet wide superimposed with the image of a man of about 5 foot 9 inches in height, long hair and a beard, and bearing the signs of injuries produced by whip lashes, a crown of thorns, and nails.

For centuries it has been one of the world’s greatest enigmas.

The television program that started Julio on his scientific quest was broadcast simultaneously on several European TV channels on November 22, 1973.

“For me it was a relic, but that day, I realised that it is a very important scientific mystery and I became involved,” he explains.

Ever since then he has been investigating and studying the Shroud and has published two books on the subject.

One thing he is sure of is that from a scientific point of view it remains the greatest puzzle of the 21st century, “It has been established that the sheet wrapped the body of a man who was tortured and killed and shows the same injuries that Jesus of Nazareth suffered and that something extraordinary happened,” he says.

When asked he responds that by something extraordinary he means a kind of brief and instantaneous radiation burst that only scorched the topmost fibres of the fabric and which is unknown to science:

“No laboratory has been able to reproduce it. It is something that science is not able to explain and that if we turn to a question of faith, it is the Resurrection.”

The original carbon-14 dating test done on the shroud has now been scientifically discredited, he says.

“The Oxford laboratory, one of those who carried it out, has acknowledged that it was done badly and that it should be repeated,” he says.

He also maintains that in the Shroud is like the death certificate of the man that it enveloped and that some letters in Greek and Latin were discovered around the face that experts have translated as Jesus of Nazareth.

When asked if he believes that the mystery will ever be solved, his answer is clear: “We cannot say that it wrapped the body of Jesus of Nazareth.

Julio Marvizón

Even if we had the DNA of the blood on the Shroud, we have nothing to compare it with.”

Mr. Marvizón learned through Reach-Alcance that in Gibraltar there is a replica of the Holy Shroud of Turin in the Cathedral of St Mary the Crowned and he took advantage of his visit to La Línea to see it.

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