Ceuta, the ‘Qreative’ column of Hercules

Reach-Alcance: Sponsored by Qreativos

On the other side of the Straits stands a city that is small in size but great in its historical and geographical context: Ceuta. Mythology gives this city the honour of being one of the two columns of Hercules, the other is Gibraltar.

This historical melting pot with an area of just 19 km2, is home to an outstanding advertising and communications agency.


In a very short space of time, it has positioned itself at the top of the industry for the quality and originality of its graphic, audio-visual, marketing works and, perhaps unintentionally, tourism, because it has put this small city in North Africa on the map for business tourism in Spain.

Qreativos is not just the business name, but also a description of what this young and dedicated team is: creativity in its purest form.

Quique Rodríguez, lifelong learner, expert in communications and neuromarketing, and promoter of this project, explains that Qreativos was born in the second half of 2014 as a small design studio, with the sole confident ambition of turning a dream into a family business with his wife by implementing the mission statement that creative advertising, graphics, and audio-visual projects of high quality, as good as any work produced in any big city, could be produced in Ceuta.

With much effort and many hours of work, the studio became well known, and earned the trust of companies, freelancers, associations, and sports clubs, etc., which enabled them to have the capital to continuously invest in growth, to offer more and better services.

Its client base is focused on private companies, from which the agency has obtained great professional recognition, thus fulfilling the main objective set from the beginning: do the best in order to be considered the best.

The initial quest became a reality, and today that small studio is today an advertising and communications hub located in the best commercial district of the city.

Thanks to the internet, the Straits of Gibraltar is not an obstacle and Qreativos also works with companies in Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar, having taken on the creative direction of two media outlets in the area.

A “factory of ideas”, Qreativos stands out because of its absolute versatility and the offer of a comprehensive service that enables a business to obtain everything from a logo to a web page, and corporate material or audio-visual material for their businesses or institutions.

Quality content has gained them a lot of recognition on social media and their presence is becoming a benchmark for other companies. This is a big achievement for a small city like Ceuta.

Qreativos latest project, the magazine “Qronica Ceuta”, caught the attention of “Reach-Alcance”, perhaps because of the similarity in the content and the concept as a means of communication, thus motivating this article as we look across the sea.

“Qrónica Ceuta” joins the “Qreativos Tb” platform, an audio-visual tool made available to the clients of the agency that has revolutionised the social networks, generating novel, original, and high-quality content.

In addition, the advertising sector, previously focused solely on newspapers, has taken a 180 degree turn thanks to this consistent dedication.

The commitment to training, quality, and professionalism above all, together with a young and savvy team, has yielded fruit and Qreativos stands as an exemplar in Ceuta, which thanks to the openness spirit of the company has collaborated with the media of the city and intends to offer added quality to its followers.

The column of Hercules that we see from this side of the Straits now has a touch of “qreativity” that makes it more attractive and, of course, gives it much more… reach.

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