The IV Football Campus 2019: Summer’s Coming

Martín Serrano

Football Campus IV 2019

The IV Football Campus; a healthy way for children to spend the summer in the Campo and Gibraltar

From the 2nd to the 12th of July, the ‘Campo de Gibraltar Football Campus’ returns with its fourth edition, with its main venues being the Guadiaro Unión football pitch and the Pueblo Nuevo sports complex as well as the Trocadero de Sotogrande and Torreguadiaro beach.

Football Campus IV 2019, Campo de Gibraltar
Torreguadiaro beach

The main goal is to progress children’s social and physical education through sport in an entertaining way – this is the approach taken by the ‘campus’, which is run by Juanjo Bezares and supervised by specialized and well-trained instructors, at top-quality installations such as the Unión de Guadiaro football field, the Pueblo Nuevo sports installations, Trocadero de Sotogrande and the Torreguadiaro beach.

Football Campus IV 2019, Campo de Gibraltar

The timetable has been organized, Monday to Friday from 9AM to 2PM, and the limit for participants is 140 (children from the San Roque municipality, the Campo de Gibraltar generally and Gibraltar), plus the instructors. Only the instructors and the children participating in the campus will be allowed onsite.

This campus is different and innovative – no training or competition of any kind will be held, only practical examples of “football”, the main activity, as well as other sports such as beach football, swimming, water polo etc.

Football Campus IV 2019, Campo de Gibraltar

Another improvement is the installation of shaded areas within the various venues, allowing all registered children to enjoy their break-time along with a breakfast consisting of seasonal fruits, energy bars and drinks, etc.

This is a unique sports-play experience in the Campo de Gibraltar, the campus of which has made the county a point of reference, year after year.

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