Tarifa’s Newest Fire Station 2019

Martín Serrano · Photos: Fran Montes

Tarifa’s Newest Fire Station and it’s Timely Inauguration

The 16 employees now have modern facilities to meet the demands of the municipality.

Tarifa has been served by the new fire station since the middle of last April. It is the latest municipality of Campo de Gibraltar to have this type of modern facility; a facility which is not only equipped to meet the needs of its workers, but also the needs of the citizens who live in a large municipal area and require the protection provided by fire services.

Timely and adequate delivery was the main goal for President of the CBPC (Provincial Consortium of Cadiz Firefighters) Francisco Vaca, as well as that of the Mayor of Tarifa, Francisco Ruiz. From the day they got into office, both made it clear that a new fire station was a priority, given the sorry state of the previous facilities which the firefighters had to work in.

Inauguration of Tarifa's New Fire Station

However this project was put an end to on the arrival of the People’s Party as this party was in favour of creating a park near the cemetery but were unable to start the project and carry it out.

Francisco Ruiz found a necessary ally in Francisco Vaca who agreed with the urgency of the project. Proof of this is found in the fact that the President placed the project among his most urgent priorities, and in the end, the combination of both forces served to ensure that the firefighters now have very similar facilities to those in Jimena and in San Roque.

Manella, who was invited to the inauguration as a special guest, stated that it was not only good news for the staff, but also for the citizens, “who benefit from the security, which is the important thing. This site is very good.”

The President of the Consortium could not hide his satisfaction, “this was one of the main objectives we had set, and it has been achieved.The firefighters of Tarifa had obsolete facilities, so we decided, with the Mayor, to provide them with adequate infrastructure.”

Inauguration of Tarifa's New Fire Station

The first opportunity came along with the budgets, since the Consortium had funds carried over the €3,400,000 allocated for the project, was reduced to €2,500,000 following a tender process awarded to Ferrovial.

Francisco Vaca reminds all that the station will serve a population of twenty thousand people in a broad municipal area, “besides, we already know the service we provide in Atlanterra and we are talking about the possibility of signing an agreement with the Town Council of Barbate to make that service compatible, as Tarifa is so far.”

“I am very happy because it was a priority and we have fulfilled it,” concluded the president of the CBPC.


Inauguration of Tarifa's New Fire Station

Located in the area of La Marina, it is a ‘type three station’, similar to that of Jimena and San Roque.

It is located on a plot of 5,142 square meters of publicly owned land, assigned to the CBPC. The new facilities in Tarifa have a space close to 2,000 usable square metres, built on a 5,000 metre plot.

The construction, which began in February 2018, is valued at €2.5 million. The site will provide services to Tarifa, Facinas, and Tahivilla as well as up to 19 rural and scattered communities – a population of 20,000 inhabitants in total.

However, these numbers grow considerably during the tourist season. The radius of cover is 420 square kilometres. The work carried out by Ferrovial has provided garages and accesses, administration and department areas, a gym, and manoeuvring yard.

It has 16 workers and four vehicles: a heavy rural pumper (3,000 litres) and a light one (1,000 litres) as well as a light rescue vehicle, and a logistical support vehicle.

Tarifa’s Newest Fire Station and it’s Timely Inauguration

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