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Sara Quirós: Eye shadow here and a little bit there

Soraya Fernández

Sara Quiros

Innovation, passion and flair inform the identity of Sara Quirós, a make-up artist from La Línea.

To make a living as a professional make-up artist. That was the dream of a small girl from La Línea whose tenacity and vocation made it possible.

At age 27, Sara Quirós established herself as an exceptional make-up artist whose surprising creations do not fail to impress.


This is because make-up is her passion:

“When I was five or six years old, I was already saying that I wanted to become a make-up artist or tattooist. I was very clear about it.”

There was an initial economic motivator behind her decision as to which career to follow:

“Becoming a tattooist would have required a bigger initial investment and, seeing as I had dedicated many years to make-up already, that was the easier option. I joined a course in beauty therapy in Vocational Training, but it wasn’t the right fit for me. I didn’t feel satisfied, so I started training independently via online courses, workshops, etc.”


For a while, Sara gave up on her dream:

“I put my dream aside for a while because it wasn’t putting bread on the table. People only seem to think of make-up for special events, but they don’t want to pay much for it. However, my other jobs didn’t fulfil me either. I wasn’t doing what I liked and went back to make-up training.”

Last year, she started working with Nyx, one of her favourite brands, in Marbella.

“I started seeing how I was finally making my dream come true bit by bit,” she explains.

Today, Sara Quirós has achieved a very defined style and expresses herself through her unique creations:

“It is my way of expressing myself and creating what comes to my mind, transmitting my own emotional state.”

This informs her elaborate make-up projects that avoid the conventional. “I like to push boundaries, to play with colours, be creative and deliver a touch of innovation to the usual trends or what used to be the trend”, she added.

She’s very clear about the clientele she caters for: “I aim to reach people who want something different. What I offer makes that difference.”

Her Top Model

Sara Quiros
Sara Quiros @Fran Montes

On top of that, Sara is her own top model. Her photogenic face, deep blue eyes and personal style are undoubtedly the best showcase for her creations. They do not fail to impress.

“My looks can attract but also deter many brands, but I’m not going to change. It’s who I am,” she states.


In addition, she offers information on her most immediate projects, including photo shoots and workshops, on her Instagram profile and website.

You can follow Sara Quirós’ creations and obtain more information about the Carnival make-up workshop on her Instagram and her website.

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