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Reach Alcance Photographer Fran Montes’ Best 8 Pics of 2019

Fran Montes

Reach Alcance’s very own photographer Fran Montes takes us through his top 8 photos taken in 2019

2019 was a big year for Reach Alcance:

  • We distributed 120,000 copies of our print edition throughout Gibraltar and the Campo de Gibraltar,
  • Reached over half a million people online.
  • Helped our advertisers reach a whole new audience
  • Inspired conversations about improving cross-frontier relations,
  • We were mentioned in the UK newspaper ‘The Daily Express’, the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation and even a Russian national broadcaster.
  • We even got an exclusive interview with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom himself – Boris Johnson!

So, as we look back with gratitude on a fantatic year of milestones, our very own photographer Fran Montes will take you through his top 8 photos during 2019.

Each impressive photo comes with a backstory as well as a link to the articles they were taken for (if you’re looking to delve deeper or just read about something that isn’t coronavirus-related).

1: The Coastal Battery: ‘Batería Paloma Alta’

Fran Montes Bateria de Paloma Alta

“Under a blanket of stars liesthe remains of the Paloma Alta military battery. Built in 1940, this D-3 battery shot its last cannon fire on the 24th of September, 2008 at 12:02.”

2: Bolonia


“Between sandy expanses, salty sea-breezes and the remains of an Ancient Roman Civilization lies the paradise of Bolonia. In this shot, the sunset blends with the silhouette of a person gazing at the sky on a large sand dune.”

3: Art of Fencing

“Fencing… a traditional sport that dates back many centuries – ancient engravings show that it was practiced in Ancient Egypt and in Greece, illustrating sword fights between men. Today, children and adults continue to practise this art and compete at high levels.”

4: ’27 Minutos’

“On the Feast of the Epiphany in 1979 a Civil Guard officer from Tarifa and his girlfriend from San Roque were murdered by terrorists in the Basque Country. A sort film titled “27 Minutes” was launched to mark the 30th anniversary of the atrocity. Here a relative poses with the portrait of one of the victims.”

5: The Gibraltar Northern Defences

“Tucked within the bowels of the Rock of Gibraltar lies incredible military heritage, unchanged for decades… This image shows a barracks constructed within the caves of the defensive walls where those who defended Gibraltar ensured that the Rock remained British.”

6: Sara at the Parque de Bomberos

Sara Cantalapiedra at the Algeciras Fire Station @Fran Montes
Sara Cantalapiedra at the Algeciras Fire Station @Fran Montes

“Dedicated to female fire fighters, this photo shows that both men and women can perform the same job. Many women like Sara make a living saving lives.”

7: The Magic of Christmas

“This photo portrays that warm family feeling that brings us all together during Christmas in the eyes of a little one looking forward to Santa and the Three Kings paying a visit.”

8: Kaiane Aldorino

Kaiane Aldorino Photo shoot Alameda Botanical Gardens

“Crowned Miss World in 2009, Gibraltarian Kaiane Aldorino sets the bar high when it comes to philanthropy and helping others. She has been involved with many child and animal protection charities and served as Mayor of Gibraltar.”

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