Reach-Alcance Edition 9: Taxi to Gibraltar


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Reach Alcance Edition 9

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Last weekend saw the premiere of “Taxi to Gibraltar”, directed by Alejo Flaj, at the Malaga Film Festival, which stars Dani Rovira, Joaquín Furriel and Ingrid García Jonsson.

This Spanish-Argentinean comedy follows three aimless individuals as they embark on an adventure of their lifetime: searching for a hoard of lost gold in the tunnels of Gibraltar.

A journey in which the three characters find the true meaning of life. This reminded us of a recent conversation which we had with Teresa Gonçalves on GBC Radio.

During the interview we talked about Reach-Alcance and our motives and goals. What became clear is, that with the advent of the UK’s departure from the European Union, there is a need to look out for the common good of all citizens in the region who might be affected.

We discussed reinforcing relations on both sides of the Frontier; to push for understanding and cooperation, to put the common good above those who have been bloated by radicalism and hate.

To know and understand each other. That is the purpose of Reach. A belated child, but the offspring nonetheless of the closure of the Frontier fifty years ago, whose consequences we continue to endure.

Most likely, there is no gold hidden in the labyrinth of tunnels that span more than 52 kilometres inside the Rock, but we highly recommend that anyone who hasn’t gotten to know Gibraltar or the Campo de Gibraltar to hop in a taxi, or some other means of transport, and explore the real treasures in this land of ours.

Treasures to be discovered, in terms of the culture, community and history that give this region its unique character, but which for one reason or the other, we are not allowed to exploit.

To proclaim the best of the great potential that this region possesses is the real reason for Reach-Alcance.

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