Reach Alcance Edition 21 | ‘Tough Times Ahead’

Reach Alcance Edition 21 | ‘Tough Times Ahead’ | Editorial: Martín Serrano | Gibraltar | Campo de Gibraltar

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Complex times are ahead of us, and it seems that the public is reluctant to believe that we will be able to face Brexit without problems.

In this edition, barrister Charles Gomez incisively warns that Brexit is a consequence of the historical disconnect between the EU elites and the European peoples. In other words, this happens when elites do not listen, do not understand, or simply ignore the needs of their own citizens.

This reality has not only been brought to the fore throughout the process leading up to the expected withdrawal of the UK from the EU, but it is an example of the kind of atmosphere brought about when individuals who bear the ‘unacceptable face of capitalism’ enter into the orbit of power.

It is extreme populism that, as can be seen in this scenario, does not mind resorting to lies, discrediting institutions or manipulating the truth in order to achieve their goal. It is true that these lies have very short legs to stand on, but this does not lessen the impact when the people are deceived, first by the elites, and now by the ‘ultra-nationalists’, and then it becomes too late to reopen the gates of common sense and good will.

Reach Alcance 21 Campo de Gibraltar

In our previous edition, we spoke loudly about the insanity of those seeking to create problems where there are none, simply to progress an idea or a goal, although, of course, legitimate aspiration is needed for dialogue as well as a unified effort in protecting the interests of the people.

This is the exact same scenario as has happened in Spain, where the credibility of democracy has been seriously damaged via the inability of political parties to put the national interests of the people before their own – again, leading citizens to the polls this coming November 10th. when in April society had been led to believe that a solid government, capable of facing these difficult times, was guaranteed.

So, in these turbulent times, carried by the gusts of the possibility of a commercial war between the US and China, as well as many others, led by ‘ultra-conservative’ President Donald Trump, who seems not to have learned from the history which Charles Gomez alludes to, and which may fall into the grips of unreasonableness and snobbery due to the people feeling disenfranchised, it is necessary to recover the good calm tone of democratic leadership, or face plunging us all into fear and hopelessness.

Reach Alcance Edition 21 | ‘Tough Times Ahead’ | Editorial: Martín Serrano | Gibraltar | Campo de Gibraltar

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