Reach Alcance Edition 13: Bandera Rosa

Editorial: Martín Serrano

Reach Alcance Edition 13: A Caring Universe

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In a highly materialistic society battered by waves of disinformation and manipulation at all levels, it is gratifying to gather experiences of ‘solidarity’ from charities whose sole purpose is to help others.

Psychological help that cannot always be carried out successfully by official bodies, but the objectives of which are nevertheless important.

In the Campo de Gibraltar and Gibraltar, there are many of these collectives. Most of them come from altruism and focus all their attention on people who have found themselves in a helpless or vulnerable position, for one reason or another.

In this edition, our cover features the Bandera Rosa, an association that provides support for women who have suffered or are suffering from breast cancer, based on their own volunteers’ life experiences.

Reach Alcance Edition 13 Bandera Rosa Reach Alcance Cover

The clinical success rates of dealing with breast cancer are increasing but, in many cases, require a helping hand along the way, to make the struggle more bearable.

Many of us have a family member or friend who has suffered from breast cancer. Therefore, the message these associations convey is recognised by many people. This is how some of the Bandera Rosa leaders have manifested their motivations, much like “For a Smile” – an association that serves children with cancer – and Bosom Buddies – another association serving people with this disease – which hosted a charity fashion show recently in Gibraltar.

The volunteers, who dedicate their time to these associations without expecting anything in return, form a social class with “five-star” values.

And while, on this occasion, we are focusing on cancer survivors and the people who help them regain their strength and welfare, there are numerous associations on both sides of the border offering help to those who need it.

And this, although it is not driven by money, is quite frankly edifying.

Reach Alcance Edition 13: A Caring Universe

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