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Reach Alcance Edition 12: ‘EU Goes to the Polls’


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Reach Alcance Edition 12: Editorial

The European Union has a lot riding on the elections taking place on the 23rd and 26th of May. The results will map out the path that politics will be taking in the next few years.

The results will tell us whether the British people, albeit surely not the Gibraltarians, ratify, via the populist leader Nigel Farage, their will to leave the European Union at any cost. On the other hand, a success for pro-Europeans such as the Liberal Democrats under Vincent Cable could reinvigorate the conservative and labour parties to give serious consideration to a new referendum. The indications are that these elections will see a higher turnout compared to the traditionally low polls in previous European Union elections.

Nigel Farage
Nigel Farage

Moreover the presence of the far right has ceased to be a threat and is now a reality. It is a worrying reality and we should not be surprised if the Brussels Parliament becomes overrun by activists aiming to destroy the European project, on which the longest period of peace and prosperity that Europe has known for many centuries was built.

The next government that rises from these interesting elections will have to apply itself seriously to tackle the issue of immigration, and will have to work hard to control its seeming obsessions with business and cronyism and make way for a Europe which is more concerned for the wellbeing of its citizens by drawing up more rigorous and effective common policies to guarantee progress and welfare in all Member States.

The vultures circling over Brussels and Strasburg hatched from of a huge disenchantment among so called civilized first world societies, which are being stirred up by intransigent populist narratives and must be confronted on the basis of principles of freedom and democracy.

These two great human achievements risk being undermined in Europe if we, its citizens, allow it to become the new battle ground for the powers in the East and the West. Time will tell.

Reach Alcance Edition 12: Editorial
Looking to grab a copy of our print edition? Click here to find a distribution point near you! 

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