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Reach Alcance Edition 11: ‘A Mature Relationship’

Editorial: Martín Serrano – Graphic: Quintiestudio

Reach Alcance Edition 11: The Spanish Elections - what they had to say about Gibraltar

Reach Alcance Edition 11

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The PSOE’s great victory at the recent General Elections and its likely alliances with progressive parties open the door to a reinforcement of good cross-frontier relations between Gibraltar and Spain.

Statements made by high ranking politicians in Pedro Sanchez’ administration and the apparent positive disposition of his expected allies in government raise hopes for the beginnings of an era of understanding and prosperity for all those who look upon the Rock as a source of opportunities and not as the subject of a stale chauvinistic rough and tumble which leads nowhere.

In their manifestos none of the Spanish parties renounced the claim to sovereignty.

That is a truth which cannot be hidden, but it is also right to acknowledge that for many, social cohesion and economic considerations have priority over territorial claims and who believe that discussion is better than imposition.

On election night we were the first to cover the results as they came in, in both English and Spanish online.

In this ‘Reach-Alcance Edition 11’, we review the position statements made by each of the principal parties regarding Gibraltar and the first thing that we notice is that on this occasion the issue has not been used, as it often is, as a useful distraction from the star issue of Catalonia. The Rock has rarely appeared in the debates on this occasion.

However the various leaders have, whether in passing or in unfortunate terms said what they think about future relations with Gibraltar and we have thought it fit to cover their comments.

In this new scenario it is surprising to note the significant presence of the far right in La Línea, Algeciras and Los Barrios where it has shot up to third place although it has not been so successful in the rest of the Campo de Gibraltar.

Hardly have these elections finished than we have to prepare for municipal and European elections in May where voting intentions might well be different to these which were more about the battle between the main political blocks and even the defence of democracy but that will be another story.

Reach Alcance Edition 11

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