On the Road to Damascus this Christmas

Chris Gomez

The Catholic community of Gibraltar has so far sent a total of £46,000 to aid the embattled Christian population of Syria.

Heeding the call of Gibraltar’s bishop monsignor Carmel Zammit, the campaign started at Easter 2017 under the auspices of the UK-based Aid to the Church in Need (“ACN”), which is in turn a papal charity set up on Christmas day 1947 when Fr. Werenfreid van Stratten wrote “No Room at the Inn”.

Aid to the Church in Need

The article appeared in his abbey’s newsletter and called for action to help the refugees from the Second World War.

ACN, which has a branch in Gibraltar, reaches out to “the poorest of the poor” in over 145 countries with some 5,000 projects running at any given time. The money sent from Gibraltar was collected and continues to be received in the Catholic diocese of Gibraltar’s 7 churches and the Shrine of Our Lady of Europe.

Aid to the Church in Need

In recent years the catastrophe that has befallen Christians in Syria has been the focus of the Gibraltarian Church’s effort. Further undisclosed amounts have been sent by individuals to the ACN Headquarters in Surrey, England.

Christians in Syria have seen their numbers plummet from 30% of the general population to about 11%. Many have been killed or driven away by a brutal war, to the general lack of interest (at best) from the West.

Syria is home to the very earliest Christian churches and many want to return despite the atrocities to which they have been exposed.

Aid to the Church in Need

ACN is there to help and this Christmas, the Church in Gibraltar continues to be with them. The latest cheque was sent in early December with more to come.

You can donate online to this very worthy cause and help children and struggling families via this link

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