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Institute of Studies (Campo de Gibraltar) Cultural Activities

Martín Serrano

El Instituto de Estudios Campogibraltareños

Most, if not all, of what is best of the Campo de Gibraltar’s cultural scene is represented in the ten sections led by a president and covering practically all areas of knowledge.

These – when wisely exploited and coordinated – make up the identity of people. An identity is which Gibraltar is no stranger to, as it provides a good number of members who all ascribe is the mission statement made by director of IECG, Eduardo Briones: “culture does not know borders, here we are united by wisdom and knowledge.”


In recent days, the meeting room of the Association of Municipalities in “Smith Park” (Algeciras) witnessed the presentation of the new board of directors and management.

It maintains an academic structure that blends with politics through a governing board that is represented by the president of the Institute, Luis Ángel Fernández, the IECG management and representatives of the political parties.

The institutional support has allowed the IECG to create a formidable database over its 27 years of existence – although they were not always received.

This database is accessible to any citizen wishing to consult it, and its greatest formal representation is the Almoraima magazine, the 50th edition of which will be presented in the next few days.

To this magazine will be added at least 36 essays, study journals and other activities which always revolve around academic activities related to the Institute.


Until this year, the IECG has had four directors, all of which are well-known personalities in the fields of knowledge and learning in this region.

The first director was the official chronicler of Algeciras, Luis Alberto del Castillo, who led the Institute from its launch in 1991 to 1996.

He was followed by professor and researcher Mario Ocaña until 2008. Ocaña was then replaced by fellow-professor and historian, Ángel Sáez, who was in charge until 2017.

From then on, it was directed by current top-academic and representative of this prestigious institution, biologist Eduardo Briones.


Any citizen can access the services provided by the Institute through its library which is installed in its headquarters, where texts of great interest about the area can be found.

Specific information from the experts can be requested from the secretary of the institute, via phone 0034 956 572 680.

You can also access the Almoraima journals through the Institute’s website,

If you would like to get in touch with the directors of the IECG, you can do so via direcció[email protected] and the Almoraima magazine, directed by Ángel J. Saéz via [email protected]

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