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Britannia Disinfects Areas as ‘Golden Hour’ Begins | Easing Lockdown

Chris Gomez

Britannia Disinfects Designated Areas as ‘Golden Hour’ Begins

Today marks the official start date of the regulation changes allowing over 70’s to leave their homes for exercise under the same rules as the rest of the population: for exercise.

This comes as Gibraltar begins to ease lockdown measures which came into effect on the 24th of March, which have been more flexible than those we have seen in Spain, and has meant that Gibraltar’s population of approximately 3,600 over 70’s have been indoors for over a month.

Gibraltar Golden Hour
Commonwealth Park 29.04.2020 | Photo: Chris Gomez, Copyright Reach Alcance

The Government of Gibraltar, however, did warn that: “The advice remains unchanged. Over 70s are most at risk from this virus. The risk of catching it can be mitigated, but it cannot be eliminated completely. Therefore, going outdoors constitutes a risk and it is safer for those over 70 to remain at home.

A much-welcomed change, and for those over 70’s who would rather take extra precautions and further increase their social distancing, today also marks the official start of the weekday ‘Golden Hour’ initiative.

This morning the Britannia cleaning company begun cleaning and disinfecting surface areas of the designated spaces for over 70’s to take exercise (see all the details below) which hold the most risk of carrying the virus.

Gibraltar Golden Hour

Golden Hour: When and Where?

Between 10am and 12noon, the following locations, which will be disinfected and cleaned, will be reserved for over 70’s on weekdays: Eastern Beach, Camp Bay, Victoria Stadium and the Commonwealth Park.

Important Note: Bank Holidays are excluded as these locations will be made available to everyone – therefore this Friday (May 1st) the Golden Hour Initiative will not apply.

Golden Hour: Entrance Rules

Commonwealth Park 29.04.2020 | Photo: Chris Gomez, Copyright Reach Alcance

Those over 70’s wishing to attend these safe areas must produce a document such as a health card to prove the age of the holder.

It is also expected that the elderly take exercise in the designated area which is closest to their homes – either by walking or by driving to the car parks at Eastern Beach or Camp Bay.

They can be accompanied by an adult member of the same household. This means that in the event of using a car, they can only share a vehicle with an adult who lives with them.

“Those who leave home are urged to be extra careful. They should not touch anything like lift buttons, door handles or handrails in communal stairs. They should maintain social distancing and must not use the opportunity to leave home as an excuse to meet or walk with friends and family. They must not touch their mouths, eyes or nose and on returning home must wash their hands thoroughly with soap and water for at least twenty seconds.”

Britannia Disinfects Designated Areas as ‘Golden Hour’ Begins

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