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Friends in Need: Gibraltar Continues to Mobilise Against Covid19

Chris Gomez

The will of citizens to enlist in the battle against the corona virus pandemic becomes stronger by the day.

Reach has reported on the efforts of a number newly constituted bodies to provide assistance to the elderly and other people put in a difficult situation as a result of the pandemic and in support of the measures being put in place to control it.

Over 1,000 Gibraltarians and other residents of Gibraltar have joined these groups which provide invaluable assistance to those in need.

Many other citizens have made their own arrangements in blocks of flats. One of those individuals who is providing assistance in the Marina Bay district told Reach:

Gibraltar Volunteer Marina Bay COVID19

“It is only when the day to day things we take for granted are removed that we say to ourselves: if this is difficult for us, how must it be for the elderly? For those in need? Those with mental health issues? All those who suffer one way or another but manage to live right alongside us without us even knowing the struggles they go through daily.”

“A group of us in Marina Bay are getting together and setting up rotas for shopping, collecting medicines, helping with washing and cooking cakes for them. A few of our residents have mobiles but find them confusing so we call their landlines regularly and they now look forward to the calls, we also have set times to go and talk on our balconies, not everyone knows how to make WhatsApp video calls and we all love the 8pm slot where we stand outside or lean out of our windows and cheer and clap for all those workers helping us right now, hospital and emergency staff, those stacking shelves in supermarkets, cleaning and taking away our rubbish, there are so many I can’t list them but next time I see them I want to stop and thank them personally when this is all over. “

“I’m also helping some of the elderly, they walk around the their small apartments but are used to the community of Gibraltar and Main Street often venturing out to shop when in fact they don’t need anything at all, it’s merely to stop and talk during the day before they go home to an empty room, so a chat on a balcony two or three times a day keeps their hearts warm”


Meanwhile more than £500,000 have been donated by private citizens to the Gibraltar Health Authority. The Minister of Health The Hon Mr Paul Balban has assured the public that funding for the GHA is guaranteed but is none the less happy that anyone who wishes to make a cash donation should be able to do so.

It is understood that this money will be going to purchase such things as more ventilators which are of such crucial importance these days.

Contributions can be made in sterling to:

  • ACCOUNT NAME: Govt of Gib Re GHA
  • ACCOUNT NUMBER: 47620056
  • SORT CODE:60-60-60
  • IBAN:G183NWBK060606047620056

The Reference for your payment should read “COVID 19”

Every donation will be itemised and recorded and acknowledged personally by the Chief Minister.

The Chief Minister, the Hon Fabian Picardo QC MP, said:

Fabian Picardo Gibraltar Gibraltar Total Social Lockdown Coronavirus COVID19

“These are difficult times that we hope will soon pass. They are also times when Gibraltar shows the best of itself, its community spirit, and its dedication to charity and the support of the most vulnerable in our society.”

“This solidarity is best being shown by large and small organisations and individuals in the donations they are making to the GHA, to other organisations, and through their volunteering. Some donations are also coming in from beyond our shores from those who do business in Gibraltar and want to help. This is also greatly appreciated and welcome.”

“We won’t forget those who remembered us at this difficult moment. This is the beating heart of Gibraltar’s generosity coming to the fore. Thank you, Gibraltar! Thank you, everyone!”

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