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David Morales Performing ‘Amor en Libertad’ in La Línea this August

Soraya Fernández · Photos: Fran Montes / Archive

Renowned La Línea-born flamenco dancer David Morales will be presenting “Amor en libertad” in his hometown this August; a show based on the love story between the South American freedom fighter Simón Bolívar and Manuela Sáez, a song of cultures.

To talk about David Morales is to talk about ‘duende’ (a heightened state of artistic emotion), feeling and passion. That is what this ‘bailaor’ (flamenco dancer) exudes every time he takes to the stage, he is an Artist with a capital A.

David Morales Amor en Libertad La Linea 2019
David Morales @Fran Montes

David Morales will be returning to the tablaos of the Campo de Gibraltar on the 2nd of August to present “Amor en libertad”, which has already proven to be a roaring success in South America.

He will be performing in his home city, La Línea de la Concepción, where he holds the title of ‘Favourite Son’.

“Amor en libertad” (Love in Liberty) is based on historical figure Simón Bolívar and his relationship with Manuela Sáez. A montage in which two shores, two continents, two rhythms, flamenco and drums, come together. ‘Two styles of music that go hand in hand’, as the artist explains.

David Morales Amor en Libertad La Linea 2019

Created by David Morales himself, under the musical direction of Algeciras composer Salvador Andrades, the show explores the persona of Bolívar from a historical perspective; the man in love with Manuelita, who embodied the spirit of the libertarian era.

It is a wonderful love story in which alegrías, tanguillos, farrucas and bulerías are mixed with drums, Peruvian waltz and the Venezuelan joropo. As Morales himself acknowledges, flamenco is fusion, and so is his show.

Watching a David Morales show is a unique experience, and so is the process through which the artist conceived it. As he himself said, the story behind “Amor en libertad” was born in Venezuela during his “Lorca, muerto de amor” (Lorca, dead from love) tour, another great success:

“The Venezuelan Minister of Culture gave me a book, ‘The most beautiful love letters of Manuela and Simón’. These were the letters the liberator Simón Bolívar and his lover Manuela Saenz, a pioneering feminist of the time, wrote to each other. I read the wonderful letters Manuela wrote to Bolívar. They moved me to the point that I conceived the show.”

David Morales Amor en Libertad

The trigger specifically was this letter that Manuela sent to Bolívar:

Dear sir.

My genius, my Simón, my love. Intense and merciless love. Only by the grace of meeting you I would give my last breath, to give my whole self to you with all my love; to be satiated and love each other in a kiss, without schedules, no matter the day or the night and without a past, because you, my good sir, you are my present, every day, and because I am in love, I feel the relief of your caresses on my flesh.

I will save for you the spring of my breasts and the enveloping velvet of my body, which are yours.

Yours, Manuela

The ‘bailaor’, a conscientious man, read up on Simón Bolívar and learned that he was trained as a soldier in Cádiz and that he was a lover of dance. That is where the idea of fusing the joropo – a traditional Venezuelan music style – with flamenco came into fruition.

“Amor en libertad” is the union of the two shores, the two continents, towards interculturality. The Venezuelan joropo has its own voice; although it was born from the flamenco fandango, it has acquired its own identity and today, in this show, it goes hand in hand as the sister music of flamenco”, the artist says.

After the premiere in Caracas, David Morales realized that his dream was to bring it to Spain as part of a European tour and to present it in his own city, something he is looking forward to but also with a lot of respect: “Dancing in La Línea makes me more nervous than performing in Carnegie Hall.” He doesn’t want to disappoint his people. And, we know for a fact, he won’t.

David Morales’ “Amor en libertad” performances in La Línea, sponsored by the Dr. Espinel Foundation, will be held on August 2 and 3 at 22:00. Tickets are on sale at the Palacio de Congresos ticket office – Thursday and Tuesday, from 11:00 to 13:00 – and Tickentradas.

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