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Ana María Carracao: The Opportunities of Brexit

Ana María Carracao · HASSANS SPAIN ·

Anna Maria Carracao

On this territory on the south of the Iberian Peninsula, we are once again facing unprecedented historical change.

Although change always generates uncertainty (of the social, economic, legal kinds etc.) it is up to us to make a virtue of necessity and get the best of what Brexit has to offer.

Under the auspices of the European Union and the movement towards the harmonisation of common legislation, synergies have developed in recent decades in the provision of multiple services between both sides of the Gibraltar Frontier.

Despite the differences between the British-Gibraltarian and Spanish regulatory systems, this common framework has been the link that has facilitated the attraction of investment to this region by taking advantage of what both sides have to offer.

The much-feared Brexit is already closer and it is clear that it will require a process of probably long and complex adaptation, not just for Gibraltar, but also for all Spanish activity connected with The Rock.

With perseverance, imagination, and understanding, we will successfully overcome the changes.

Anna Maria Carracao Hassans Reach Alcance

Gibraltar will leave the European Union at the same time as the United Kingdom, but it is precisely its close links with Spain through Andalusia that can be an advantage to accelerate the transition to the new post-Brexit scenario whilst maintaining community ties.

The Memoranda of Understanding signed by the Spanish and British governments, whether or not linked to the controversial Withdrawal Agreement, can be a good starting point to stabilise the situation and to strengthen the connections between both systems.

Equally useful may be the Fiscal Agreement, which puts an end to the continuous disagreements in this area.

Now more than ever, we must remain united and collaborate in a practical way in all areas of public life and in the private sector.

The officials of Gibraltar and Campo de Gibraltar have a great challenge ahead of them, but I am sure that not only will we overcome it successfully, but we will also see new opportunities.

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