Alcaidesa Marina to Getares: Tranquility and History

Antonio Valbuena (Director at Alcaidesa Marina)

Alcaidesa Marina to Getares: Tranquility and History

This isn’t a route as such, but we wanted to show you one of the best anchoring points in the bay, which is located south of the port of Algeciras – Getares!

Getares derives its name from a Roman fish salting factory which is located in an old Roman town in the vicinity of Caetaria, known as ‘Cetares’ and then Xetares during the Middle Ages.

Getares Whaling Factory 1921
Old Whaling Factory

Despite the heavy cargo traffic, this is a virgin area, close to the ruins of an abandoned whaling factory that was set up in 1921 and owned by the “Compañia Ballenara Española”. The company was dissolved in 1930, but large fin whale bones can still be found scattered around the area to this day.

This is also an ideal anchoring point for times of westerly and southerly winds, with a 4-metre sandy bed and views to Africa and the Rock of Gibraltar.

A must-do is to spend a night at anchor and marvel at the sunrise with the Rock of Gibraltar as a backdrop.

Meteorology & Tips

Alcaidesa Marina to Getares Nautical route

It’s advisable to drop anchor when the wind is blowing from the west or the south, as you’ll be downwind from the shore.

Take care when crossing the Bay due to the cargo and ferry traffic, which especially in summer is non-stop. Also be careful when approaching the fish farm close to the beach.


• Type of navigation: Coastal

• Distance in Nautical Miles: 5

• Duration: 1 day.

• Degree of difficulty: Low

• Terminates in base port: Yes

• Towns: Algeciras

• GPS: 36°05’44.7”N 5°26’10.5”W

• Coast: Bay of Algeciras

*Owners and crews are responsible for making their own passage planning and the above should not be used for passage planning but rather as a useful guide.

Alcaidesa Marina to Getares: Tranquility and History

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